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Lights, Camera, Acton: Will Shoot For Credit Premiere

Will Urban holding a film camera smiling for the camera

SAU is gearing up for the 16th semi-annual Will Shoot For Credit Short Film Festival. Each semester, Spring Arbor University hosts a red-carpet film festival celebrating student-made short films. The event will take place on December 13th in the White Auditorium with complimentary popcorn, snacks, and mocktails inspired by the festival’s two main premieres. 

The SAU School of Communication, Media, and Fine Arts offers a short film production class, affectionately dubbed “Will Shoot For Credit,” (WSFC for short), each semester to give aspiring filmmakers the opportunity to tackle many of the different roles you could see in a Hollywood production such as director, director of photography, editor, and many more. The class works as a team to put forward several short films, culminating in the end of the semester premiere. As this semester’s class preps for filming, here’s what to expect this December.

Most notably, Mia Adkins’ directorial debut short film is slated to premiere this December. This will be the third semester Adkins has participated through WSFC. Previously, she had made her name known for her cinematography, landing the role of Director of Photography in my own short film, The Sudden Impulse to Break Free (Spring 2023). Her other feature Dating a Murderer takes a look at Sarah, a young adult in love. Although she thought her relationship was perfect, she begins to grow more and more suspicious of her increasingly conspicuous boyfriend. Adkins’ film stars Tommee Smith and Aubre Cashman-Brown, with a cast of veteran actors and a great director behind this film. You will not want to miss it during this semester’s short film festival!

The Right to Remain Silent will be another film to watch out for this semester. Junior transfer student Cameron Mead is directing this police comedy film. The story takes place in one interrogation room and follows two police officers as they try to interrogate a perpetrator who is not cooperating well with the authorities. Although this would be his first film with Will Shoot For Credit, he gained plenty of experience at his previous college. Look out for performances from William Nofziger and Marissa Anxier, both making their SAU acting debuts. I’ll also be featuring in this film, and I can assure you, you won’t want to miss it!  

During the event, there will be several other pieces shown on the big screen. Works completed in various film classes during the semester as well as previously developed projects will make their way into the premiere. So many wonderful people and great filmmakers are devoting a significant amount of time and effort to producing these shorts this semester. So come out and support your Cougars, have some themed mocktails and snacks, and enjoy a night of fun and entertainment.

Written by SAU Marketing student Will Urban.