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Mission and Vision



The School of Engineering at Spring Arbor University is committed to graduating students who are prepared academically and spiritually to enter the workforce or continue on to graduate studies. Engineering graduates should view themselves as stewards of God’s creation and conduct themselves in ways that honor God as the Master Creator and Engineer.


Engineers have the privilege and responsibility of developing and keeping God’s creation. The core tasks of engineering include designing, building, maintaining and improving machines and devices that have intricate and sometimes subtle impacts on humans and the broader creation. Engineers have a unique, God-given calling to serve in ways that address the brokenness of a fallen world. This God-given responsibility means that an engineer’s mindset and technical skillset must be rooted in a biblical understanding of his or her calling. Engineering students at SAU will acquire the technical skills needed to perform their work well, while developing a mindset focused on service to God and his creation.

Spring Arbor University’s emphasis on the study and application of the liberal arts is a distinguishing characteristic of the engineering program. This, combined with a rigorous engineering curriculum, leads to graduates who not only understand how to apply mathematics and physics to challenging problems, but who are also well spoken, culturally literate and understanding of world needs from perspectives of service and empathy. They choose to serve God by honoring his creation.