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Muffitteers Reunite!

Group photo of alumni who formerly lived in Muffitt Hall

Living as a community of learners is a key component of Spring Arbor University’s Concept. For many freshmen arriving for the first time to live in a residence hall with dozens of strangers from all different walks of life, it’s hard to imagine how this “community experiment” can end well. But as so many have been blessed to experience, these strangers often become lifelong friends.

For the early 2000s group “Muffitteers United,” staying connected through life’s ups and downs has been a constant source of encouragement. “As students, we knew we valued our relationships, but it wasn’t until the past few years that we’ve really come to realize what a sacred gift this community was,” says Jen (Carley ‘03) Youngman, a member of the group.

Through their Facebook group, they’re able to organize get-togethers every 6-12 months and consistently share life celebrations like marriages, births and new jobs, while also providing support during life’s trials, like battles with cancer.

And this same amazing community continues today. In the same way that this diverse group of Muffitt girls came together nearly two decades ago, current SAU freshmen are building lifelong communities of support and love.

Pictured in feature photo:
Front row: Sarah Cruce ’03; Jen (Carley ’03) Youngman; Erin (Evans ’03) Haase; Brooke (Novak ‘02) Westergard ’05; Keri (Salisbury ’03) Benjamin; Paula (Dailey ’02) Green.

Back row: April (Huse ’03) Guerrero; Paige (Klassen ‘04) Miller ’08; Emily (Jones ’01) Davidson; Kelly (Kiefer ’03) Gallagher.