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President Ellis talks about Christian higher education on the Faith and Freedom Podcast

89.3 The Arbor Studio

On the most recent episode of the Faith and Freedom podcast from the Wagner Faith & Freedom Center, Professor William Wagner, J.D. interviewed President Brent Ellis about the importance of Christian higher education.

During the podcast, Professor Wagner poses the question, “What makes going to a Christian liberal arts university so important?” Dr. Ellis discusses the vitality of cultivating students and professors who are always open to learning while continuing to grow in their faith. While growing and adapting is important, it is also essential to keep Jesus Christ as the perspective of learning so that we stand firm in our beliefs and values.

Dr. Ellis also highlights the importance of fearlessly practicing one’s faith within and beyond the classroom walls. At Spring Arbor, there is a firm commitment to nurturing a community of learners who not only comprehend their own beliefs, but also respect and engage with diverse worldviews. Listen to the full podcast to hear Dr. Ellis passionately talk about the importance of being a Christian higher education institution, standing out as a university, and being a believer in today’s society.

The Wagner Faith & Freedom Center serves as the nation’s academic voice for faith and freedom, focusing on securing the freedom of thought, conscience, and religion to equip future generations with strategies to transform our culture.