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The Spring Arbor University English Department is a community of learners distinguished by a lifelong involvement in the study and application of words, a study born from our love for literature, literary criticism, written communication, and research. We are a department that models Christ-like values as we learn and interact with each other and our students, thus preparing those students to live and work in the public sphere.

The course of study in the English major emphasizes knowledge of literature, precise writing, and rigorous analytical abilities.  English majors can analyze and interpret; they can also make a lucid, critical response to any text.  But even more importantly, the English major is rooted in the Christian liberal arts in order to bring faith to bear in critiquing the culture through analysis of all texts.

One of our fundamental assumptions at Spring Arbor University is that truth is relational; this assumption bears witness to the nature of relationships in literary texts.  As we interpret relationships in literature, we are seeking the meaning of our own lives.  How do we understand the relationships in our lives and how are they shaped by the fact that reality is fundamentally relational? How do we live out that understanding in the public sphere beyond the classroom? These are the questions that motivate our study.

If you’re interested in finding out more about our department, explore the links above, read our recent departmental newsletters, or contact one of us—we’d be glad to talk with you!

Message from the Chair


As chair of the English department at Spring Arbor University, let me welcome you to our department website. Please browse the site for useful information about the department, its courses, professors and unique study opportunities. We hope you notice the value we place on creating a well-rounded academic and spiritual learning experience. Please discover links to information about the culture of Spring Arbor University as well.

If you are a prospective student, I hope you spend time on this site getting to know our department. Faculty members here are proud of the program we have created together. Literary analysis and critical thinking connect literature to life; classroom discussions promote a dynamic exchange of ideas. Students are encouraged to reflect on how spirituality impinges on life and literature, as we prepare students to both lead and serve in our post-modern culture. In short, our students receive a strong liberal arts education that fosters critical thinking, clear writing, and serious reflection on the human condition. To that end, we welcome inquisitive, creative and critical students to study in a relational and challenging learning environment. If this describes you, I hope you will apply for admission and become part of a vital, reflective group of students and professors.

Kimberly Moore-Jumonville, Ph.D.
Professor of English
For more information about the English Department,
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