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SAU announces Rev. Dr. Brian Kono as University Chaplain

SAU is proud to announce Rev. Dr. Brian Kono as the new University Chaplain.

Dr. Kono has served as Associate Professor of Youth Ministries at SAU for 14 years. He will be speaking at SAU’s chapel service on Monday, March 26, as the new University Chaplain. SAU’s chapel services are held from 10:05 – 11 a.m. on Mondays and Wednesdays during the academic year at the Spring Arbor Free Methodist Church, located next to SAU on E. Main Street.
With many years of experience in youth ministry, Kono has developed the skills needed to further cultivate a spiritually formative climate throughout the university. SAU’s former chaplain, Rev. Ronald Kopicko, will serve part-time as the new Campus Pastor at SAU. As students, faculty, staff and administrators are encouraged to grow and develop their faith in Christ, both Kono and Kopicko will continue to provide spiritual guidance and wisdom to the community.

“As I shift gears to fill the shoes of Chaplain Ron Kopicko, I am confronted with the incredible influence and legacy he has left. I am honored and humbled to continue the spirit of his leadership for a new season in my life. I am also excited to help bring a renewed vision for the Spring Arbor community,” says Kono.

“After 38 years of full-time ministry experience at SAU, I am honored to have the opportunity to step back from the administrative/leadership responsibilities as chaplain, especially knowing that they are going into the great care of Brian Kono. I am blessed by President Ellis and his desire that I still maintain a ministry role within the university as Campus Pastor,” says Kopicko.