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Senior Spotlight: Anna Fuller

Coming from South Bend, IN, Anna Fuller embarked on her college adventure with a blend of excitement and uncertainty, seeking a nurturing environment that would challenge her academically and spiritually. Little did she know the profound impact her time at SAU would have on her personal and professional growth.

Choosing SAU was a decision influenced by family tradition and her desire to seek out a Christian community outside of her home state. Initially drawn to SAU’s Social work program, Anna ultimately found her calling in Biblical and Theological Studies. Her new major set the stage for an enriching academic pursuit that would lay the groundwork for her future endeavors.

Arriving at SAU, Anna encountered a campus environment vastly different from her diverse high school experience. The tight-knit, rural community initially posed a challenge, yet she soon embraced the warmth and camaraderie that defines life at SAU. Despite the culture shock she experienced, Anna found solace in the genuine connections she made with professors, classmates, and mentors.

One of the defining aspects of Anna’s SAU experience was the unparalleled support and mentorship she received from faculty and staff. Anna praises the intimate class settings SAU offers, where professors double as mentors, fostering meaningful relationships that go beyond the classroom. Anna fondly recalls grabbing lunch with her professors and cherishing the invaluable guidance they provided during moments of academic and personal growth.

“I really did not expect to be friends with professors and with my boss, which is really great that I am and it speaks to the small community that Spring Arbor is which is amazing.”

However, Anna’s college journey was not without its trials. A sophomore-year crisis of faith had her in a period of profound questioning and doubt. Yet, it was the unwavering support of mentors that helped her navigate this season, reaffirming her faith and sense of purpose. Their guidance and empathy served as a beacon of hope during her toughest moments, illustrating the transformative power of community at SAU.

“I had a group of staff/ faculty that helped me a lot. They validated me when I needed it and challenged me when I needed it, but most importantly they knew the difference between when to do which. I was super blessed that I had those people when I did and I still will have them when I leave.”

Outside the classroom, Anna immersed herself in campus life through campus jobs. From working in the Admissions office to serving as a Resident Assistant (RA), each role provided invaluable lessons in empathy, leadership, and community-building. Through her interactions with peers and residents as an RA, Anna honed her ability to love and support others unconditionally and meet people where they are. 

One of Anna’s fondest memories of her time at SAU was the experiences she had on her Cross Cultural trip to Morocco. Riding camels in the Sahara Desert, and creating lasting memories and connections with her peers. “I’ve always loved traveling but had never been off the continent. That trip was a confirmation of my calling into the mission field.”

As graduation approaches, Anna is driven by a deep sense of purpose and a desire to make a difference in the world. Her next chapter will take her to Monterrey, Mexico, where she will work with Back2Back Ministries, supporting orphans and vulnerable children. It’s a journey fuelled by a strong passion for helping those in need.

Looking ahead, Anna is eager to explore new horizons and embrace the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. “I am a little scared at how I’m going to keep friendships alive, especially from a different country but I am excited to see how Spring Arbor has prepared me for the real world.” While bidding farewell to SAU may be bittersweet, Anna carries with her the invaluable lessons, cherished memories, and lifelong friendships forged during her time on campus. With a heart full of gratitude, Anna Fuller is ready to go out and make her mark on the world, embodying the values of faith, community, and service instilled at Spring Arbor University.

Written by SAU Marketing student Blair Currie.