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Senior Spotlight: Cole Eshuis

Cole Eshuis

Cole Eshuis is a Business Administration major with a minor in Marketing from Scotts, MI, just outside of Battle Creek. Even before he came to Spring Arbor University, Cole knew it would be a university where professors and other students would be intentional with him. When he came for a visit, the golf coach showed immediate faith in him as a player and a teammate. Cole had lunch with Dr. Chan and Dr. Knight, who gave him even more confidence that SAU was where he was supposed to be. He came to SAU to grow his faith and his relationships with others. Although Cole committed to SAU to play golf, he knew that by coming here, he would also be surrounded by classmates and teammates who would help in his walk with the Lord daily. SAU would be the start of the next chapter in his life.  

On campus, Cole was a part of the men’s golf team and became a presidential ambassador. In the golf program, Cole knows he has created lifelong friendships. As a team, they’ve participated in many service projects and grew close through all the events and traveling they did. As a presidential ambassador, he’s been able to work in a professional setting with others. Through this role, he’s been able to build a relationship with President Brent Ellis and his wife, Christie! He’s learned a lot about a more elevated working experience and how he can incorporate his faith into his future career.

Outside of his extracurriculars, Cole’s favorite experience of college was his cross-cultural trip to Morocco in January. There, his relationship with Jesus Christ reached a deeper level. He got to know his host family, learned about a new and amazing culture, and walked through the town with some children he and other students met on the trip! Cole encourages all students to take advantage of this immersive experience before graduation. 

“My appreciation for God, His creation, and His people grew immensely in Morocco. That trip was a transformative experience in my life.”

At SAU, Cole has learned how to apply the concept to every area of his life – learning how to be a lifelong learner and what being a critical participant in the contemporary world looks like. Since being at SAU, Cole has been motivated to pursue his passions and increase his diligence in serving Christ. 

College has also come with struggles. For Cole, it wasn’t easy to manage all the areas in his life and meet the high expectations of himself and others. As a student getting a liberal arts education, an athlete, and having an on-campus job, finding a balance proved to be an unexpected challenge.  

“College is not like the movies. Movies do not show the personal battles and daily struggles students endure to grow and mature as people. You don’t walk onto campus with an established group of friends; you have to find people who will encourage you to grow. At some point, you have to be uncomfortable to get anywhere.”

While at Spring Arbor, Cole has learned the importance of taking advantage of every opportunity he was presented with, even if it initially felt uncomfortable and scary. Through his experiences at SAU, he has changed his perspective as he moves into his career. In a couple of months, Cole will accept a job offer at Alro Steel in Battle Creek and start his business career. He is excited to see where his 21 years of preparation takes him next! 

Good luck, Cole! 

Written by SAU Marketing student Autumn Tingue.