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Student Spotlight: Carlee Keim

Carlee Keim

Junior marketing major Carlee Keim truly does it all — as a member of the Student Alumni Council, catcher on the Cougar softball team, student worker in the Office of Marketing & Communications and Student Body Vice President at SAU, Carlee doesn’t have much trouble keeping the pages of her planner full.

Yet, Carlee’s extracurricular interests haven’t always been so diverse. In high school, outside of academics, she gave all her energy to making a name for herself on the field. “I used to define myself in softball and softball only,” says Carlee.

It was softball that led Carlee to SAU, as she was recruited to play as a catcher on the Cougar softball team. At the start of her freshman year, Carlee didn’t expect her experience in college to be all that different from her experience in high school. She would go to class, play softball and repeat.

It wasn’t long before living, studying and practicing softball within the SAU community began to change Carlee’s perspective. She found community among her teammates as well as her other peers and professors.
Eventually, within community, Carlee began to “do it all.”

“It’s a really awesome community where everyone actually cares about you,” says Carlee. “SAU has provided me a chance to grow and learn more about who God truly designed me to be: a good teammate on and off the field, a leader among my peers and a dream-chaser in my career. I feel challenged to impact the world around me through Christ.”