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Student Spotlight: Celeste Fendt

The future is bright for Celeste Fendt, junior professional writing major and Spanish minor. Through her coursework, relationships and extracurricular activities at Spring Arbor University, Fendt is forging a formidable resume sure to entice any number of potential employers after (and even before) her graduation. From her volunteer work to her position as the Associate Editor of “The Pulse” student newspaper, her campus job in instructional design to freelance writing gigs, Fendt is poised to enjoy lifelong success and fulfillment.

Fendt cites the community she witnessed at SAU as her primary motivation for attending. “Smaller, intentional communities allow you to better connect with the people around you,” she says. Especially when you’re eager, hard-working and willing to actively reach out and make connections across campus. Though she claims that many of her opportunities have been handed to her, Fendt’s work ethic and proactive attitude have been recognized by staff and faculty and rewarded accordingly — professors have shared freelance writing opportunities with her because she’s demonstrated her talent and skill by doing the work in class.

Early on in her time at SAU, Fendt sought career advice from Chad Melton and Anna (Wilkinson ‘11) Tabone in Student Success and Calling and has since had internships and volunteer opportunities passed her way. Last summer she interned at a local marketing agency, and during her precious free time she volunteers for the Friends of Haiti at the Spring Arbor Free Methodist Church, writing monthly newsletters and making presentations.

On top of everything she’s already doing, Fendt was recently nominated to the Student Alumni Council, and she serves on the body’s philanthropy committee. “I really hope to help foster a sense of gratitude in students so they might be inclined to give back to the school,” she says. “It’s important to give back to the people and organizations that do so much for us, to ensure that work can continue.” To that end, Fendt makes a small monthly donation to the SAU Communication Department. “It’s what I’m passionate about, and they’ve given me so many opportunities.”

Looking to the future, Fendt has utilized the Alumni Map to connect with Megan Filipowski ’13, a professional writing graduate and digital marketing specialist for the minor league Oklahoma City Dodgers baseball team. “She’s given me so much meaningful advice on how to network, build a portfolio and adapt to different challenges as a writer.” Based on everything she’s doing and the opportunities she’s sought, Fendt is more than ready to meet those challenges.