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Students, staff and faculty participated in 2nd Annual SAU Serves

SAU students serving as part of SAU Serves.

On Wednesday, September 27, approximately 392 students, staff and faculty participated in the second annual SAU Serves, an initiative that encourages people in the SAU community to serve within the Spring Arbor and Jackson communities. 

Those who served spent time doing countless jobs including weeding, cutting, raking, digging, painting, organizing, washing, waxing, writing, carrying, vacuuming, dusting and more. In total, we contributed nearly 1500 hours of service to the greater Spring Arbor area.

“The work is a tangible expression of two aspects of our SAU Concept. We are committed to Jesus Christ as the perspective for learning and become critical participants in the contemporary world,” said University Chaplain Brian Kono. “Our work fulfills this aspect of our mission and celebrates the character of Jesus and the message of the Gospel to see the world around us become a better place.”

Thank you to all those who participated this year in SAU Serves!