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Tips For Time Management

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We have finally made it to spring break! With only two months to go in the semester, everyone is (for the most part) settled in, and we can finally wrap our heads around our schedules. With the end of the semester looming, the workload is definitely going to start building – or maybe you’ve already found yourself in that rush. With classes, work, athletic events and having a social life, it’s easier to feel like you’re busy all the time or feel like you just can’t keep up with everything. We have all been there! Below, I’ve created a list of time management tips that can help you feel a little more on top of it all. 

Use a planner (physical or digital)

    A planner allows you to see everything you have planned. What days are busier? What days are less busy? Can you squeeze some homework in at a certain time? It’s a great way to keep track of everything. I personally like to keep an app or website on my phone because I know I would always forget a physical one. 

    Take a look at what your upcoming day will look like. 

    Checking in the night before or the morning of will help remind yourself of any homework you may have forgotten about and it will allow you to see when you have some free time to either do more homework or hang out with friends. 

    Make time for yourself

    Making time for yourself is so important, especially as you get more busy. It will help to relieve stress, and allow you to have some fun, or do something that brings you joy. Some ways you can do this are, coloring in, reading, watching a show, cleaning/tidying your room, or doing anything that helps you relax. 

    Find support or someone to hold you accountable.

    It’s important to remind yourself that you’re not perfect, there will be times when you don’t want to do something or times where you forget. By having a friend, or someone on your floor that can hold you accountable will make sure you go to that class, study for your exams, and get your homework done. An easy way to do this is to ask your roommate to keep you accountable. Tell them when you want to be studying and what time your classes are. That way they can easily help to keep you accountable. 

    Identify what enables you to procrastinate.

    Being on your phone, watching TV, playing games, or even cleaning. Identify anything and everything that enables you to not to your homework when you should be. These things will distract you from getting things done. One way to help with this, is by setting a timer for 45 minutes to an hour, put all distractions aside, sit down and get work done. When the timer goes off, set another for 15 minutes and spend that time on your phone, or watching a show. Doing this allows you to break it up so you can still go on your phone etc but ensures you’re also getting work done. 

    There are lots of things you can do to manage your time. These are not all of them but they are a good start. Don’t stress too much and take challenges one step at a time. Wishing you a good rest of your spring semester and keep up the good work, Cougs!

    Written By SAU Marketing Student Xandria Stephenson