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Special Education: Learning Disabilities

About the Special Education: Learning Disabilities Program

The objective of the Special Education: Learning Disabilities major offered through the School of Education is to provide students with a solid understanding of diagnostic and teaching methods with which to meet the curriculum and classroom management needs of students with learning disabilities (LD). In addition, the major will prepare students with the skills to communicate those needs to colleagues and parents. For the Spring Arbor University Special Education LD graduate, best practice in the field will be presented from a liberal arts perspective and will include an emphasis on integrating Christian faith into teaching practice. The courses will address all areas of the “Effective Teaching Model” designed to produce teachers with both a broad understanding of the field and in-depth skills geared toward practical application for daily teaching practices.

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Why should you choose SAU’s Special Education: Learning Disabilities program?

This major has been designed to provide an understanding of best practice in diagnosing and addressing the skill deficits of students with learning disabilities. Understanding the law and the role of the LD teacher as a child advocate will also be addressed. An assisting/adaptive technology course and a course in communication skills unique to students with learning disabilities are cutting-edge courses in the program. This major emphasizes practical application of skills so that the graduate is prepared to function on a day-to-day basis in a special education setting. The student will have many opportunities to practice and demonstrate these skills as a result of required field experiences in a number of the courses.

Courses & Course Descriptions

The courses for the 37-hour Special Education: Learning Disabilities major includes such subject areas as human development for the special education student, curriculum design and classroom management for LD, technology for special education, and special education rules, procedures and law for people with disabilities.

View the course requirements, layout and course descriptions as well as learn more about the Special Education: Learning Disabilities program at Spring Arbor University in the undergraduate catalog.

Career Opportunities

This major prepares the student to apply for certification with an endorsement in Special Education LD This certification, along with the completed elementary or secondary education program, allows the student to teach in both the regular education classroom and in the K-12 learning disabilities classroom. Students with this background would also be prepared to work in sales or consultation for publishers who specialize in books and tests for students with special needs. The Special Education LD academic major is also available as a Learning Disabilities Endorsement for those already holding a Michigan elementary or secondary teaching certificate.