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Let Your Innovation Shine
Student works on 3d printer with Dr. DeLap
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School of Engineering

Welcome to Spring Arbor University’s School of Engineering, where students prepare for more than just great careers — they prepare to change the world for Christ. As an engineering student at SAU, you’ll learn how to excel in your career and innovate the world’s future through hands-on labs, student design projects, interdisciplinary learning, expert faculty and research.

Where Faith and Engineering Meet

Our academic programs include mechanical and electrical engineering. Whichever program you choose, you can expect expert instruction that will prepare you for your future career.

The School of Engineering is committed to providing academic excellence and an understanding of how faith in Christ can be integrated into the professional workplace. Our professors are dedicated to building a Christ-centered community and preparing students to bring the light of Christ into everything they do. We want to help you learn more about how God can use your gifts and interests in the field of engineering!

Engineering students will be stretched academically and equipped for employment as they learn within a strong, hands-on environment that will move them quickly from theory to designing and creating. All of our students gain practical experience in our engineering facility by working with and testing equipment in guided labs, collaborating with classmates and completing individual research and projects.

Every engineering student spends two semesters working on a capstone senior design project. These projects cover a variety of engineering topics, including fundamental research, humanitarian and mission work, entrepreneurship and design competitions. Come join us! Be part of the next group of extraordinary engineers ready to impact the world in significant ways.

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Electrical Engineering

Design, build, test and improve solutions to complex engineering problems.

Electrical Engineering
Two students working with wires

Mechanical Engineering

Imagine and create the technology of tomorrow. Craft innovative solutions to challenging problems.

Mechanical Engineering
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How Do I Prepare for an Engineering Degree?

SAU’s engineering programs are designed to be completed in four years by students who have already completed the following list of courses. However, if you haven’t taken all of these courses by the time you graduate from high school, you may make up the necessary courses during your freshman year at SAU.

Courses you will need to take:

Four years of high school English

Two years of algebra

One year of geometry

One semester of trigonometry

One year of science (chemistry or physics)

Both physics and chemistry are desired. Students who transfer from another college or university should understand that there are sequences of courses in the curriculum, up to eight semesters in length, which build on one another.

Engineering Careers


Automotive Industry


Consumer Wearable Devices Design

Energy Production and Delivery


Environmental Preservation and Recovery


Information Systems

Medical Device Design

Medical Grad School

Military Service

Research Science