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Study Spanish at SAU and contribute to the growing need for positive global citizens while increasing your professional opportunities and future salary! At SAU you can major in Spanish or Spanish Education for K-12. Our Spanish major pairs well with other majors, such as Social Work, History, Music, Business, pre-med, and more. You can also compliment any major with a Spanish minor. Spanish is an ideal area to major or minor in due to the numerous benefits it offers. At SAU, you will take courses geared toward fluency and have exciting opportunities for immersion in our Study Abroad program.

A degree in Spanish

  • Enhances Problem Solving Skills
  • Improves Verbal and Spatial Abilities
  • Improves Memory Function (long & short-term)
  • Enhances Creative Thinking Capacity
  • Promotes Better Memory
  • Fosters Flexible and Creative Thinking
  • Improves Attitude Toward Other Cultures

Why should you study Spanish?

Knowledge of Spanish can provide the opportunity to share the Gospel to many people throughout the U.S. and the world. Spanish is the official language of 21 countries, many of which have large populations of God’s children in dire need of care and ministry. Spanish is spoken by 400+ million people throughout the world, including 40+ million living in the U.S. Even knowing just a little bit of Spanish can help students spread Jesus’ message of love and belonging for all. Additionally, studying Spanish and the diverse Hispanic cultures helps students open their minds and hearts to people who are different from themselves, leaving them better equipped to spread the light of Christ wherever they are.


Some of the courses for the Spanish major are:

  • SPA 101 Elementary Spanish I
  • SPA 102 Elementary Spanish II
  • SPA 200 Intermediate Spanish and Culture I
  • SPA 202 Intermediate Spanish II
  • SPA 306 Introduction to Spanish Literature and Civilization
  • SPA 300-499 Upper-level Spanish

For a full list of the major courses, see the undergraduate catalog.

Meet the Faculty

Career Opportunities

Our alumni are currently or previously employed in the following jobs using their language skills:

  • Director of the Samaritas program, one of the largest providers of refugee services, resettling families from all over the world
  • Jobs working with Hispanic immigrants
  • Director of Latin American Studies for the CCCU
  • Teaching positions in elementary and secondary education in Spanish, including immersion programs (100% employment for all majors and minors in education)
  • Nursing and Physical Therapy
  • Missionaries in Argentina, Colombia, Guatemala, and Peru
  • Study Abroad programs

Unique Study Opportunities

International Study Abroad Programs – International study abroad programs are administered by our Cross-Cultural Studies (CCS) Office. Numerous and exciting international study abroad opportunities are available.

Semester in Spain – Semester in Spain is a Spanish language immersion study abroad program of Trinity Christian College that is open to SAU Spanish majors in fall or spring semesters and two sessions during the summer. With native-speaking Spanish professors, students will excel academically while living in the bustling and historic city of Seville. During this semester abroad, students will not only learn the language, but also experience the culture of Seville’s people, homes, churches, shops, and restaurants. Spanish minors could quality to attend the Summer Trinity Christian College sessions.