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Let your compassion shine
Students with children from Africa
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About Cross Cultural Studies

We are all part of a global community, experiencing the light of God’s love for humanity and the world.

We first sent students around the world in 1985. Since then, the Cross Cultural Studies (CCS) program has become one of the most transformative experiences at SAU. From short immersions to semesters abroad, CCS is an essential component of what makes SAU unique.

Student sitting with children from another country

The purpose of CCS

We want students to understand the importance of living out the SAU mission of being lifelong learners and critical participants in the world. That means keeping Christ as the perspective for learning, and so much more.

CCS Purpose
Cross Cultural Studies Group Photo

The Benefits of Cross Cultural Study

Employers recognize the value of cross cultural experiences, no matter what country you might have experience or knowledge of — what matters is that CCS sets you apart.

CCS Benefits
Students in Costa Rica

What to expect

The Cross Cultural Studies program exists to help you grow — intellectually, emotionally and spiritually. It’s an experience unlike any other.

CCS Destinations

Course description

This is your guide to CORE 374 and CORE 375, the two CCS courses. Here, you’ll find all the details on your travel options and what you’ll need to do before you leave.

CORE Guide