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Sports Management

The Sports Management program draws from a number of different fields and disciplines to create something wholly unique — and completely necessary in the realm of professional athletics. It’s a tremendous opportunity for students looking to synthesize their interests in marketing, business, recreation, sports information and professional writing. It’s the perfect fit for aspiring athletic and team managers, and also affords the skill set needed for a broad swath of other potential careers.

Students pursuing a degree in Sports Management will be prepared to work within several areas of the billion-dollar sports industry. To prepare, you’ll take classes in a variety of academic areas such as sports recreation, business, accounting and marketing. Along with your recreation and exercise science courses, you’ll have a broad foundation of experience and know-how needed to understand, manage, monitor and promote both athletes and athletic organizations.

  • 39-credit hour program, low requirement for industry average
  • Students earn a Bachelor of Science degree
  • Business and communication endorsements available: video production, digital influence and advertising and public relations
  • Low credit-hour requirement allows students to receive an endorsement and pick up another major (or minor) and still graduate on time

Sports management professionals oversee the management, business and promotion of athletes and athletic organizations. Depending on the position, duties might include negotiating contracts or monitoring the finances of teams and athletes. Individuals may also be tasked with creation of marketing programs, the oversight of ticket sales or the engagement of public relations activities.

Other career paths graduates are eligible for and may pursue include coaching at amateur, collegiate or professional levels, athletic training and exercise physiology.

Notable courses include:

  • HPR 153: Foundations of Physical Fitness, Health and Wellness
  • ACC 221: Principles of Accounting
  • BIO 263: Human Anatomy and Physiology
  • BUS 325: Principles of Management
  • REC 335: Facilities, Planning & Operations for Health, Fitness and Sport
  • HES 475: Exercise Physiology Lab

Students will also be required to complete a six-credit hour (240 hours) practicum, and are encouraged to utilize the variety of sports organizations found state-wide to pursue and gain this experience.

Meet the Faculty

Bethany Ulrich, DSc, ATC, CSCS
Mitchell Zigler, DPT, CSCS
Anil Joseph
Debra Thompson
Mike Roberts