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Student Information

Now is the time to start thinking about your Cross Cultural Studies (CCS) experience. Learn what you need to do to prepare for your experience. Click below to get started

Steps to Enroll

Interested in participating in a cross cultural experience? Here, you’ll get step-by-step instructions on how to enroll in a program and what you must do before your enrollment is official.

Study Away Fee FAQs

You have questions and we have answers regarding the $150 study away fee required for enrollment in a Cross Cultural Studies program.

Health, Safety, and Security

Because we want students to have an enriching, positive and safe experience through their cross cultural studies, we go to great lengths to ensure that each of the destinations are safe and secure for the participants.

Travel Preparation

The following are websites which students may find useful in preparing for a cross cultural experience:

Center For Disease Control Website 
The CDC site recommends immunizations and proactive precautions for travel to specific destinations based on current health risks on location. SAU strongly recommends travelers follow the CDC’s advice.

U.S. State Department 
The State Department’s site has links to embassy sites along with Consular travel information for entry requirements for U.S. citizens, travel warnings, and other useful travel preparation tools. Also, see U.S Students Abroad and Tips for Traveling Abroad for more information. Visa and Passport Applications
Passports are required to enter most CCS destinations! Visas are needed for some destinations. For assistance completing the passport application, please use the State Department’s Passport Application Wizard.

Other travel informational links:

Immunizations and Medications

In an effort to determine possible problems which may arise during international travel and contingencies to avoid complications during such travel, Spring Arbor University requires CCS program participants to be up to date on all childhood immunizations and tetanus immunizations before traveling. See which immunizations are required per program. These services are available at the SAU Holton Health and Wellness Services, Monday – Friday during clinic hours for SAU students.

You may obtain immunizations at Holton Health and Wellness Services (HHWS), your Primary Care Provider (PCP), a health department, or a travel clinic. Please bring documentation to the CCS office. If you want HHWS to fulfill your travel needs (immunizations and/or travel prescriptions), set up an appointment with HHWS during your travel health presentation in COR 374. You may also stop into HHWS to set up an appointment. It is strongly recommended that you get your prescription(s) filled at least one month prior to travel. 

My destination requires certain immunizations. Where can I get them?

Tetanus: A current tetanus shot (within the last 10 years for international travel) is required for all CCS destinations and is available at HHWS.

Yellow Fever: The yellow fever injection is required for locations where the destination requires it for entry to the country (ex: Uganda). In other cases it is strongly recommended by the CDC (Ecuador and other locations). Plan ahead and search for Yellow Fever providers in your home area. They are generally listed on the Internet. See Holton Health and Wellness Services or the CCS office with questions.

My destination strongly recommends certain immunizations/medications. Where can I get them?

Hepatitis A: This is a two-shot series immunization. It is recommended to receive the second injection six months after the first to allow for immunity up to or beyond 10 years. One injection immunizes for only a short period of time and is sufficient for CCS participation; however, students are strongly encouraged to complete the series. Hepatitis A is available at HHWS.

Typhoid:  The vaccine is effective for two years and the oral medication is effective for 5 years. It is recommended that students receive typhoid at least 3 months prior to traveling. Both the vaccine and the oral medication are available at HHWS.

Malaria:  This medication is strongly recommended for destinations where the CDC indicates it be given. The HHWS nurse practitioner does write prescriptions for anti-malaria medications for CCS students.  We encourage students to contact HHWS if traveling to a malaria endemic area.

Meningococcal:  This immunization is recommended by the CDC for certain locations, primarily in sub-Sahara Africa (such as Uganda) and is available at HHWS.