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CCS Experiences

Spring Arbor University (SAU) is committed to providing cross cultural opportunities for students. Through Cross Cultural Studies (CCS), students can apply what they are learning in classes – oriented around the principles inherent in the Concept – and provide a framework for students to better understand their role as participants in the international community. Looking to Jesus Christ as the ultimate model of a cross cultural traveler, CCS aims not only to provide opportunities for students to encounter cultures outside of their own, but also to learn how to become critical and engaged participants within those cultures.

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2025 Experiences

City in the side of a mountain with water at the edge of the city.

January and May Trips

Three Week Experiences

2024 Experiences

Two male Spring Arbor University students sharing tea outdoors in front of the Bodleian Library at the University of Oxford

Semester Abroad Experiences

IOCCS (Individualized Option Cross Cultural Studies)

IOCCS (Individualized Option Cross Cultural Studies)is a Cross Cultural Studies (CCS) Honors option for students who meet certain qualifications, including a 3.5 cumulative GPA as well as contacts in the culture of destination. IOCCS is done through a petition/proposal process of the Faculty Cross Cultural Committee (FCCC). Interested students need to email the CCS office 6-8 months prior to expected travel to schedule an informational meeting.  The IOCCS process and expectations will be discussed during this meeting.  Please familiarize yourself with the documents below prior to this meeting.

In accordance with the established institutional policy, no credit or waivers will be given for experiences that do not receive committee pre-approval or for experiences to countries for which a US State Department warning has been issued. Learn more about IOCCS by reading the following documents:

Before You Go