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Parents of CCS Students

Parents – as your student starts thinking about where he or she would like to go to fulfill the cross cultural requirement, there are probably some questions you have about your student’s destination and how you can help him or her prepare.

Before Cross Cultural Experience

Key information on health, safety, travel insurance, immunizations etc., can be found on the Student Information page.

During Cross Cultural Experience

Obtain information about your students’ Cross Cultural Studies (CCS) program, updates about the groups during their experiences and other pertinent information regarding the students and their programs.

Travel Information

You can track your student’s flight via FlightAware (flight number required).


In the event of an emergency, please contact the CCS office. We will contact your student’s group as soon as possible and relay your message. This will ensure your student is provided with the support he/she needs.


While students are on their CCS experience, we communicate with families and friends via two methods – email and our CCS Hotline. Emails are sent to approved individuals as messages are received from the “field.” Due to FERPA regulations, please note that we may only communicate with those individuals for which students have granted us permission – this permission must be submitted to the CCS office in writing. Please help ensure you receive these emails by keeping the CCS office updated with your preferred email address. Friends and family may call our CCS Hotline at any time, 24 hours a day. That number is 517.750.6328. This hotline is updated for group departure and arrival information as we get it from the airlines. It is also used as a communication tool with families for critical updates on groups while they are in the field.

After Cross Cultural Experience

Helping Returning Students

Upon returning from their Cross Cultural Studies (CCS) experience, students may need help readjusting to the American culture after having been immersed in a foreign culture for such an extended period of time. There are many ways friends and family can help to ensure a smooth transition.