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Department of Theology

In the Spring Arbor University Theology Department we’re not interested in making just an ordinary minister, seminarian, or lawyer; our purpose is to help develop you into a certain kind of minister, seminarian, or lawyer. Our theology department is focused on developing the whole person and not merely a future employee. Yes, employment is a key goal of our department—as can be demonstrated by nearly all of our graduates having job placement in their field right out of college—but it’s not the only benefit you’ll receive being part of our department.

For ministry students majoring in Christian Ministry, we mentor students through spiritual development and internships at various churches and denominations. For future seminarians majoring in Biblical and Theological Studies we help sharpen their academic wit and fine tune their writing and thinking skills. For future lawyers majoring in Philosophy, we give them hands-on LSAT prep and walk them through the application process for law school, often finding them extra scholarship monies.

In other words, as a student in Spring Arbor’s Theology Department, you are not alone. You are part of a purposeful community of learners that not only does academics together, but also life together. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to any of our faculty for more information or to chat about the majors and programs that we offer.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Theology is to create learning environments for students to critically engage the revelation of God from a Wesleyan perspective in order to shape leaders who will invest in Christ’s Kingdom.

Our vision is to serve the church by providing a balanced model of Christian liberal arts education that integrates faith and learning. For our majors, we offer a rigorous theological program in the Wesleyan tradition with its emphasis on spiritual transformation at both undergraduate and graduate levels. We seek to renew the Church by training whole persons through sound theology and spiritual formation.