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Department of Theology

We are glad to welcome you to the Department of Theology website. Please browse the site carefully. It will provide you with knowledge about our various majors and minors.

If you are a prospective student, this site should prove exciting to you as you learn about our courses, our programs, and our faculty. Please notice that our goal for you, as a student in one of our majors and minors, is to be both a critically-trained scholar and a passionate follower of Christ. We want to help you on your journey toward intimacy with Christ. We want to train you, through our various disciplines, to call and aid others in their own Kingdom search. The Department of Theology can provide the training and passion necessary for your success in lay and church leadership and graduate studies.

Majors and minors

All our majors must take a common theological curriculum based upon the Wesleyan Quadrilateral: courses in Scripture, Tradition, Reason and Experience. Beyond those common theological courses, you choose a major that fits your specific calling and ministry goals. Students in the major and minor are expected to model a lifestyle becoming of a minister of Jesus Christ in covenant with the SAU program. Admission to the major/minor commits the student to a yearly renewal of this covenant through recommendations and review of the student’s campus life, academic performance and ministry activity. We have nine different majors and eight minors for undergraduate students that will help equip and train you for full-time Christian service.

Our faculty is academically trained and have years of various ministry experiences. Our aim is to prepare your mind for discipleship, hone your skills for ministry, and shape your heart for service. We are confident that after four years with us you will have more than information – you will possess wisdom, character and spiritual insights that will help bring you and the people you serve closer to God. Thanks for considering your course of study with us here at SAU.

Mission statement

The mission of the Department of Theology is to create learning environments for students to critically engage the revelation of God from a Wesleyan perspective in order to shape leaders who will invest in Christ’s Kingdom.

Our vision is to serve the church by providing a balanced model of Christian liberal arts education that integrates faith and learning. For our majors, we offer a rigorous theological program in the Wesleyan tradition with its emphasis on spiritual transformation at both undergraduate and graduate levels. We seek to renew the Church by training whole persons through sound theology and spiritual formation.

Online Resources

The web links below will help you, as a future student, to understand more about the philosophy behind SAU’s Department of Theology and more about the people and organizations that influence the department.