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Kenya May 2024

COR 375 with Roger Varland and J. Frederick Bland

$1,600 for those with full CCS benefit

SAU offers this trip in partnership with EDU Africa

*Cost with the full university discount. $150 study abroad fee is not included in this amount. University  discount applies to 1st CCS program only. Students who transfer in 58+ credits should contact the CCS  office to determine their level of discount.

Kenya is famed for its scenic landscapes and vast wildlife preserves. It is home to a savanna ecosystem, lake-lands, the dramatic Rift Valley, mountain highlands, and a coastline on the Indian Ocean. Considered the Cradle of Mankind, Kenya’s human history is just as remarkable as its natural heritage. Be transformed and grow as a global citizen as you engage with Kenya’s ethnic groups, learn about its government, visit with students at primary level and the university, and encounter one of the fastest-growing economies in Africa.

Learning-intensive activities may include:


Learn to barter for food and other items at Limuru Marketplace and at the Masai Market in Nairobi. Visit Kiambethu Tea Farm and learn about Kenya’s leading export in consumer goods. View 15 varieties of roses, grown on 46 hectares at Kneppers Rozen, a flower farm in Maridadi. Understand how the rose export industry in Kenya supplies most of Europe’s roses.


Visit Woodland Star School, an international school based in Tigoni, and Rift Valley Academy, a Christian missionary boarding school in Kijabe. Attend a lecture at Kenyatta University.


Visit a Kenyan family, learn to prepare Kenyan food, and enjoy Kenyan hospitality! Better understand the role of women in Kenyan society and how it is changing over the years through visits with NGO’s. Dialogue with Masai who are training to be caretakers of the Masai Mara Games Reserve


Talk to US Embassy officials about modern politics, human rights, and education and the role of the Embassy in Kenya’s growth and development in those areas of concern. Understand careers in diplomacy and the US involvement in the region.


Visit a variety of churches and worship with Kenyan people. Speak to staff and students at Rift Valley Academy and get acquainted with the work they are doing. In Mombasa, visit a mosque, speak with the Imam about the role of Islam in Kenya. Explore the Mnarani mosque ruins and understand the history of Islam in this region.

Other highlights may include:

  • Go on Safari in the Masai Mara and learn how the Masai take care of their land and animals
  • Marvel at Kenyan nature at Hell’s Gate National Park and Crescent Island.
  • Learn basic Swahili phrases for greeting and market place shopping.

Travel Information

Departure Dates

May 2024 experiences will begin sometime during the week following the projected May commencement date and will last 19–23 days. Students should not make irreversible plans until their departure date is confirmed by the CCS office in February 2024.

Health & Safety

This experience, like all CCS experiences, is subject to political and safety realities at the time of departure. CCS options can be physically and emotionally intense and stretching. Before enrolling, all participants should consult the disclosures on Physical Hardships of CCS.

Covid and shots are required by Kenya for entry as of December 2022. For more details on required immunizations consult the immunizations chart.

Passports and immunizations required (both at additional cost).

Trip Costs

CCS May program costs do not include summer school tuition charges. Participants who are full-time students at SAU both fall and spring semesters 2023–2024 are encouraged to consider NOT taking a class for interim (January 2024), as the available January credits may then be applied to the summer school tuition charges of a May or Summer 2024 CCS. Tuition and program costs are separate monies.

CCS program costs do not include: tuition, passport, immunizations, or the $150 study away fee.

CCS trips are not guaranteed and are subject to change.