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Office of Assessment and Institutional Research

The Office of Assessment and Institutional Research handles both institutional research and assessment for Spring Arbor University.

Institutional Research

Institutional Research is responsible for the collection, analysis, and dissemination of essential information about the University’s environment and performance. The office coordinates completion of all surveys required under IPEDS (Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System) and responds to both internal and external requests for aggregated data.


Assessment oversees teaching evaluation through WEAVEonline® and coordinates the assessment function of the University.


Write expected outcomes/objectives
Establish criteria for success
Assess performance against criteria
View assessment results
Effect improvements through actions

Common Data Set

Spring Arbor University’s Common Data Set (CDS) reflects those data elements that institutions have agreed to report in the same way to various agencies and organizations (especially those that produce publications).

General Institutional Data

Degrees Awarded

Degrees Awarded
(July 1 – June 30 Each Year)
Associate Degrees89581
Bachelor Degrees429435388282340
Graduate Degrees513451716672551
Total Degrees Awarded9508951109962892


Retention and Graduation Rates (Campus)20192020202120222023
1-yr Retention Rate, First-time, Full-time Students78%78%80%68%74%
6-yr Graduation Rate, First-time, Full-time Students57%65%64%60%59%

Fall Enrollment (October 1st each year)

Total Enrollment1083961934922892
Full-time Equivalent974873864854829
Percent Full-time85%85%87%87%88%
Percent Female62%62%62%61%58%
Percent Minority12%12%12%11%13%
Non-traditional Undergraduate
Total Enrollment531389281205199
Full-time Equivalent423300214153159
Percent Full-time40%39%43%37%51%
Percent Female78%82%84%85%82%
Percent Minority31%30%30%24%34%
Total Enrollment17191768147012691299
Full-time Equivalent16251649139812031213
Percent Full-time87%85%89%88%84%
Percent Female85%87%88%88%88%
Percent Minority20%21%21%20%23%
Total Enrollment33333118268523962390
Full-time Equivalent30222822247622102201
Percent Full-time79%79%83%83%83%
Percent Female77%79%79%77%76%
Percent Minority19%19%19%17%20%


Campus Undergraduate20192020202120222023
Full-time Faculty Headcount6963555450
Part-time Faculty Headcount4751465653
Percent of Curriculum Taught by Adjuncts26%24%29%31%28%
Student/Faculty Ratio13:112:113:112:112:1
Average Class Size1615161515

Student Charges

Campus Undergraduate2019-202020-212021-222022-232023-24
Full-time Tuition and Fees$29,030$29,872$30,440$31,660$32,580
Room and Board (typical)$10,260$10,456$10,456$10,652$10,960


Spring Arbor University
106 E. Main St.
Spring Arbor, MI 49283

Mary Cline
Assessment Assistant
Phone: 517.750.6553

Tom Korman
Director of Institutional Research
Phone: 517.750.6639