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Office for Institutional Diversity

Our Mission

The Office for Institutional Diversity serves as an integrating partner with campus leaders, students, faculty, staff, various university committees and external constituencies. We will strive to proactively develop and implement plans, programs, partnerships and activities that educate members of the university community about diversity, as well as advance critical conversations and initiatives that promote a culturally competent environment. We will work to eliminate harmful bias and discrimination and develop authentic relationships that will create a campus community that truly reflects the depth and breadth of God’s kingdom.


Kevin Brown

On April 16, 2018, Dr. Brent Ellis announced the appointment of Kevin Brown as Chief Diversity Officer. Kevin had been serving in a similar capacity as Special Assistant to the President for Diversity throughout the 2017-18 academic year. He has now transitioned to this full-time role. Kevin will lead the Office for Institutional Diversity and provide strategic oversight and direction to the Office of Intercultural Relations.

Creation of the Chief Diversity Officer role is a result of SAU’s ongoing commitment to ensure that SAU attracts, retains and graduates a diverse body of students. SAU established the Diversity Task Force in early 2016 to formalize existing diversity efforts. The task force was instrumental in the formation of the University Diversity Plan and the formation of the Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Council. As the plan becomes actionable, necessary leadership is critical to the success of these initiatives.

Mr. Brown brings a wealth of experience to the role, having served in diversity roles for Albion College, Kenyon College and DePauw University. He also provided leadership as Executive Director of the Minority Health Partnership of Calhoun County, served in executive leadership roles for the Cleveland Municipal School District and served as the Director of the Young African-American Males program for the Center for Families and Children.

“Kevin Brown is absolutely the right person to lead our diversity efforts. He brings a strong background in leadership as well as specific experience within diversity. We are excited to have him serving in this role and look forward to the influence he will have across the entirety of the university,” says SAU president Dr. Brent Ellis.

Kevin and his wife, Nancy, and live in Concord, Michigan. They have three children, Joshua ’16, Sydney and Landon.

Diversity Committees

Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Council (DIAC)

Faculty Diversity Committee

School of Human Services Diversity Committee

Student Diversity Advisory Council (SDAC)


The Diversity Plan [PDF]
Bias Reporting Process [PDF]