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Information Services

The Office of Information Services is responsible for the implementation and support of all technology across the SAU Community, whether on-campus in Spring Arbor, online, or at the learning sites across Michigan and Ohio. We were created in February 2016 as a combination of AV Services, OAT (Office of Academic Technology, and Online), and Technology Services (Network Services, Software Services, and User Services). The organization of the office is:

  • eLearning
  • Enterprise Development
  • Media Technologies and Infrastructure
  • Technology Integration and Support

Randall Melton leads Information Services as the Chief Information Officer reporting to the President’s Office.

What We Do


The eLearning team is responsible for the creation and support of all SAU Online courses. They work closely with academic departments and Subject Matter Experts (SME) to build pedagogically-appropriate content for SAU students across the world. Blackboard is the learning management system used for all SAU-courses delivered online. Gary Tucker is the Executive Director of eLearning, leading a team of Instructional Designers (Michelle Dawson, Gwen Hersha, Tara McCoy, Susan Miller) and support staff (Jeanie Maguire and Kathy Hassenzahl).

Enterprise Development

Our most senior team is Enterprise Development which maintains and supports CARS (Jenzabar CX), Access databases like Student Support, the Salesforce-based Admissions system, and the MySAU Portal. This team is one of the most-experienced Jenzabar development teams in the country and their work to build the Academic Planner and Loads and Contracts in 2005 was actually licensed back to Jenzabar so that it could be sold to other schools. Members of this team (and their particular focuses) are Reid Atherton (Financial Aid and HR), Lisa Brook (Registrar’s Office), Ed Crandell (MySAU Portal, the Data Cube, Statements), Sharon Rupert (Access databases, Admissions system, Feith), and Mark Wesseling (Advancement and Billing).

Media Technologies and Infrastructure

Media Technologies and Infrastructure (MTI) is responsible for all audio-visual services at SAU along with the physical parts of our network infrastructure (cabling, installation, etc). This team is led by Aaron Sanford, the Director of MTI, and is responsible for things like live-streaming and recording chapel, installing door swipes, running network cable and managing media video projects. Caleb Shotts is the newest member of this team and student workers are integral to the success of MTI.

Technology Integration and Support

If you’ve ever called the help desk, you’ve spoken with a member of Technology Integration and Support (TIS). This team of three (currently hiring a fourth) manages the help desk, repairs computer and phone hardware, maintains network and email accounts, troubleshoots phones, and keeps the network and internet secure and available. Additionally, this team provides training for academic and administrative staff members on systems like Blackboard, Box, and PebblePad. Cynthia Churchwell leads this team as the Director of TIS with Brandon Weems (User Support Lead in charge of the help desk and Computer Repair Center) and Michael Clementin (System Administrator maintaining servers and user accounts). We are currently looking to hire a Network Administrator/Architect to plan and support our entire network infrastructure, including internet access. Student workers are critical to the work of TIS and we’re always looking for new members of the team.

Who We Support

We interact with all 4000+ students, faculty, and staff members across the 30+ buildings on the Spring Arbor, MI campus, the various learning sites and online. We also manage 20,000+ alumni email accounts and access needs for hundreds of local community members and Conference Services visitors. From email to internet access to class registration, there is rarely a time when someone associated with SAU isn’t interacting with a system supported by Information Services.

Helpful Links

  • Support (technical support resources for SAU Community and staff bios)
  • MySAU Portal (includes links to Blackboard, Box, and Email)
  • SAU Help Desk (submit ALL requests for Information Services support)
    Lower Dietzman, 517.750.1234, ext. 1234,
  • AV Event Request and Equipment Checkout Forms