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Marketing & Communications

How may we tell your story?

We are in the storytelling business – whether it be through words, pictures or images, we want to tell the stories of Spring Arbor University. But we need your help! There is always a story to tell and we want to tell yours. As a department, what are your students and faculty doing that makes you beam with pride? As an office, how are you helping this university be the top tier institution that it is? As a student, alum, athlete, adjunct faculty member, longtime supporter, parent, how do you help Spring Arbor University be all it can be

We want to know your story, then let the world know.

How we tell your story is where our expertise as communicators comes in to play. Whether it’s through a press release, a website, a brochure, a video, or our SAU Journal, for us the sky’s the limit. We will help you develop a communications strategy in which we use our expertise to target just the right communication devices to ensure your story is told in the way that best represents you and Spring Arbor University.

Initiating a Project

Projects can vary from postcards to posters, to web edits, to weekly announcements. If marketing services are needed for a project, it needs to be initiated through our website. Doing so will allow us to gather the necessary information for the project to ensure a smooth and efficient process for all involved.

  1. Go to or click the button above
  2. Select the project type by checking the necessary boxes (more than one box can be selected).
  3. Give the project a title.
  4. Fill out the Project Goals section. Please be as detailed as possible in the section—the more information we have on the project, the smoother the project will go.
  5. Provide the required information in the rest of the fields (marked with a red asterisk) and click submit.
  6. Once submitted, the project information will be sent to M&C
  7. The project manager will follow up with you to let you know that the project information has been received as well as to let you know what timeline the project can be completed on.
  8. Due to the varying project load in M&C, the timeline originally provided in the project initiation form may not fit into the project queue. If so, the project manager will work with you to determine a new in-hand date.

Ordering stationery, envelopes, business cards

Ordering customized stationery for your department can be handled entirely online. Use the following steps to order stationary through the Mitchell Graphics storefront:

  1. Log in to the Mitchell Graphics website
    1. If this is your first time logging in, please email to request access.
    2. Once you log in, you can reset your password. Use this new login on the Mitchell Graphics website to place an order.
  2. Once logged in, you will be taken to the main menu to place an order
  3. To begin an order, click “Product Catalog” and then “Corporate Stationery.”
  4. You will then see four products available to order: Business cards, envelopes, letterhead, and note cards (note cards can be ordered by clicking “Select >>” after “Corporate Stationery” is clicked).
  5. Click on any of the categories (business card, envelope, or letterhead) and then click the “Select >>” button (for envelopes, there are multiple sizes you can order).
  6. Change the quantity needed for the order (different products have different minimums for which you can order) and then click “Next >>.”
  7. Fill out the necessary information for the document you are ordering.
    1. Business card: title, email, at least one phone number, the department you are in as well as the address of the university or site where your office is located. Leave the web address as-is (
    2. Envelope: department and proper return address.
    3. Letterhead: department, address, phone, and leave the website as-is (
    4. Notecard: You have the option of selecting a department if need be.
  8. Click “Add to Cart >>” once you’ve reviewed the proof of the design.
  9. Go through the check-out process by providing the required information
  10. Once submitted, the order will go through M&C for review. Once approved, the order will be sent on Mitchell Graphics and the prints will be delivered to you.
  11. Invoices will be processed by M&C using the account number provided during the checkout process.
  12. If any questions arise during this process, please reach out to Marketing at

Graphic Standards Guide

Trying to follow the rules, but aren’t sure what they are, exactly? Learn more about the correct uses for the SAU logo and academic seal, what the school colors are (exactly) and what colors complement that blue and gold. Learn about approved fonts and more about departmental expressions. Have a question, graphically-speaking? Let us help you. Check out the graphic standards guide.

Requesting University Logos

With the redesigned logo, M&C can also create expressions of the university logo customized to your department (see examples below).

To request an expression of the university logo:

  1. Go to
  2. Select “Other” as the project type.
  3. Enter “Logo Request: ” in the Project Title.
  4. Fill out the rest of the required info and click “Submit”

Email Signatures

Need to create an email signature, but wondering how it should look and what it should say? Here’s an example of a professional email signature:

John Doe
Admissions Representative
Spring Arbor University
106 E. Main St. Spring Arbor, MI 49283
o 517.750.1111 | f 517.750.1112

Policy on Recruitment Materials

The Spring Arbor University (SAU) office of Marketing and Communications (M&C) is responsible for making sure that all marketing and recruiting information used by the university is accurate for prospective and current students.

M&C updates on a regular basis and works directly with university departments to make sure that information on the site is up-to-date and accurate. A project initiation form with which individuals and departments may submit website edits is available on

M&C reviews all printed marketing materials on an annual basis to ensure that the information represented is accurate.

M&C ensures that information is accurate before sharing it digitally (via email, social media and online marketing).

M&C is dedicated to following marketing best practices (including standard recruitment cycles and timelines as well as best practices for email and digital marketing) when communicating with prospective and current students about SAU’s programs and locations.

Social Media Policy

At Spring Arbor University (SAU), we aim to use our social media channels to foster engagement with our audience, provide relevant information about SAU and enhance public perception of our institution. Read our social media guidelines [PDF].

Web Accessibility Policy

Spring Arbor University is committed to compliance with the American with Disabilities Act of 1990, as amended, (ADA), and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, for ALL SAU websites, whether internally or externally developed, to ensure that all website visitors will be able to independently engage with SAU web properties and the use of assistive technology will not prevent visitors from accessing SAU online materials.

  • Spring Arbor University has adopted this Web Accessibility Policy in order to ensure that online content is accessible to students, prospective students, employees, guests, and visitors with disabilities. The Web Accessibility Policy utilizes the W3C’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) level A and AA, as well as Web Accessibility Initiative- Accessible Rich Internet Suite (WAI-ARIA). SAU will partner with Siteimprove to do manual testing of edu as well.
  • Spring Arbor University has designated a Web Accessibility Coordinator to coordinate and implement this Web Accessibility Policy, and all other commitments undertaken by the University relating to web accessibility. The Web Accessibility Coordinator’s name, title, office address, telephone number, and email address are as —follows:

    Jordan Kelly, Web Developer
    Spring Arbor University, 106 E. Main Street, Spring Arbor, MI 49283
  • Spring Arbor University will enlist the Web Accessibility Coordinator to ensure that content obtained through a third party and made available on the website is accessible, and in directing faculty, staff, administrators and the Marketing and Communications department to ensure that any University acquisition or use of online content provided by third parties that the University chooses to make available on its websites, will provide equal opportunity to the educational benefits and opportunities afforded by the technology, and equal treatment in the use of such technology.
  • The Marketing and Communications department of the University is responsible for reviewing and evaluating new materials that are published and uploaded to the University’s website. University faculty, staff, administrators, the Marketing and Communications department, and the Web Accessibility Coordinator must take all steps reasonably calculated to prevent an individual outside of the University from posting on the University’s website and to promptly remove any inaccessible content, once the University becomes aware of such content.
  • The Marketing and Communications department will provide initial and annual training, (facilitated in whole or in part by individuals with sufficient knowledge, skill, and experience to understand and employ the technical standards adopted by the University in this Policy), for any staff responsible for creating or distributing information with online content to students, employees, guests, and visitors with disabilities, including, but not limited to, training on the Web Accessibility Policy, and their roles and responsibilities to ensure that web design, documents, and multimedia content are accessible.
  • Spring Arbor University will complete an accessibility audit once each calendar-year quarter, under the direction of the Web Accessibility Coordinator, in order to assess whether or not content is accessible, measured against the technical standards adopted in this Web Accessibility Policy. All problems identified through the Audit will be documented, evaluated, and, if necessary, remediated within a reasonable period of time.
  • Students, prospective students, employees, guests, and visitors may report violations of the technical standards used by the University, file a formal complaint through Section 504 and Title II grievance procedures, and/or contact the Web Accessibility Coordinator with any accessibility concerns at the Web Accessibility Coordinator’s contact information set forth above. Any accessibility concerns also may be reported to

For assistance in accessing due to a disability, or for any other reason, please contact

Accessibility Statement for Spring Arbor University

It is our mission to ensure that everyone who visits Spring Arbor University’s website feels welcome and their experience is rewarding.

Spring Arbor University is committed to ensuring accessibility of its website and intranet to people with disabilities. It is the University’s goal that new and updated web content produced by the University will meet W3C WAI’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0, Level A and Level AA conformance, by Sept. 1, 2018.

Existing web content produced by Spring Arbor University will meet the standard adopted in this Web Accessibility Policy by Sept. 1, 2018.

This policy applies to all web content produced or updated by Spring Arbor University and to third-party content the University chooses to make available on its website. In addition, Spring Arbor University will ensure third-party content providers are aware of the University’s Web Accessibility Policy. Spring Arbor University will also favor providers based on their accessibility conformance claims.

Meet Our Staff

Say hello to the folks who will help you tell your story!

Jon Bahr

Vice President for enrollment and marketing

Jordan Kelly