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Requirements for Adult and Professional Admissions

Required Credits

To apply for admission to an accelerated degree program, you will first need to show proof of prior completion of 58 credit hours. If you don’t have the 58 credits required for admission, it’s no problem. There are various ways to accumulate credit toward the required 58 credits.

First, you can pick up the extra credits at either a local community college or right here at Spring Arbor University. If you have already attended college, obtain your college transcripts and count up the number of college credits you have. If you have graduated from an accredited university, or one that works with the Michigan Transfer Agreement, you may be able to transfer the college credits you already have.

In addition to courses you have taken previously, we also accept the credits earned from various academic tests you’ve taken that prove your proficiency in a particular academic area. You can arrange to take a test, which might help you gain college credit. Please speak to your admissions representative for more information about this option.

Once enrolled in a program…

Once you have been accepted and enrolled in your program of choice, it is possible you could earn credit for prior learning experiences you have had. Credit can be earned by writing life-learning papers demonstrating appropriate college-level learning. Documented learning from professional training, seminars and licenses can also be evaluated. Please ask your admissions representative about the prior learning credit option available to enrolled students.

How to Enroll

It’s simple and easy to enroll at SAU. We’ll guide you through three easy steps:

  1. The Application Process

    Apply online for free.

    Send us your college transcripts: Contact each school you have attended and ask them to send us your transcripts. Electronic transcripts are preferred, but transcripts can also be sent via USPS. Please send to:

    Spring Arbor University
    Attn: SAU Docs
    106 E. Main St.
    Spring Arbor, MI 49283

    Submit a writing sample: Follow our writing sample instructions. Send your completed writing sample to your admissions representative.

  2. Apply for Financial Aid

    Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). FAFSA is the government’s means of determining what aid is available for you. Spring Arbor University’s school code is 002318. Note: Once your FAFSA is filed and processed, SAU’s Office of Financial Aid will be in contact with you about any loans or grants that are available. 

  3. Register For Class

    Once you have received an acceptance letter and financial aid package, the next step is to register for classes. Please follow the directions in your acceptance email to register. If you have any concerns or questions, contact your Student Success Advisor. 

Program Admission Requirements

In addition to having the required 58 credits, there may be program-specific admission requirements you may have to satisfy before you are accepted into the program of your choice. Click on the link below that will take you to a list of the Adult and Professional programs.

View Adult and Professional Programs