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Making the Transition to College

Transitioning to civilian life after years in the military is a difficult thing. Making the jump to college at the same time can either be an added stress or a helpful support. For many veterans, higher education provides an opportunity to reflect and process one’s life experiences in a safe space. Finding a community of other veterans or military families also eases the transition and provides much-needed support.

Below are some resources that could prove valuable to you as you consider enrolling in college.

Student Veteran Resource Center Facebook page

Our veteran resource center page is a gathering place for active duty, veteran, and military dependents students.

Academic Advising

Each student is assigned to a specific academic advisor who helps him/her navigate the college process and make a plan that fits with his/her career goals. This person connects with students once they are accepted.

Counseling Services

Spring Arbor offers counseling services to its students, empowering them to sort out difficult situations in their personal lives.

Holton Health & Wellness Center

In addition to offering counseling services, the Holton Health & Wellness Center offers basic medical care to Spring Arbor students.