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Finding a Job After College

Veterans—especially those with a college degree—bring a wealth of experience to the job market. Although the transition to civilian work can be challenging for people who have spent much of their lives in the military, there are plenty of resources available to help you.

SAU Career Development Office
Spring Arbor’s Career Development office is available to help you prepare your resume, hone your interview skills, find jobs in your field, and network with career connections.

Interview Stream
Like our SAU Career Development office, InterviewStream allows you to practice interviews, evaluate yourself and request feedback from a trusted mentor, advisor or friend.

SAU Job Board
We work hard to develop relationships with employers so that our graduates can go on for gainful employment. These employers regularly post jobs on our job board that our graduates are eligible for.

Veteran Job Boards
In addition to Spring Arbor’s job boards, there are a few portals that cater to military populations:

Spring Arbor LinkedIn Group
If you’re looking to network with possible job connections, you’ve got to join Spring Arbor’s alumni group on LinkedIn. It’s the simplest way to find other alumni around the world who are working in a field that you are interested in.

Michigan Veterans Employment Solutions LinkedIn Group
After joining the SAU alumni group, consider joining the Michigan Veterans Employment Solutions LinkedIn Group. It’s tailored to veterans just like you.

Spring Arbor’s alumni network also connects via a portal exclusively available to Spring Arbor graduates. The Mentor Map enables graduates to find other alumni in their area.