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Writing Tutors

David Kohns

David Kohns

Writing is not only a necessary part of life, but also something I am very passionate about. My goal whenever I’m helping someone with their writing is showing them how to embrace their passion, but still to be professional. I love being involved in music. I play in the jazz and concert bands and sing in the choir here at SAU. I read for pleasure every single day and strongly believe that being a good reader makes you a better writer. I love working with people one on one, and I can’t wait to see you in the Writing Center!

Reagan Voetberg

Hello, I’m Reagan! I’m an English major with a minor in philosophy. I’ve been working at the Writing Center for one semester. I love editing and everything to do with writing! I’m so excited to work with you and help you write beautiful and professional papers! I’m a fan of big words and 19th Century English. So, if that’s any indication of what it’s like to work with me… Don’t worry, I’ll go easy on you! Some of my other hobbies include reading old books, getting lost in my thoughts, playing the piano, listening to music (mostly movie soundtracks and needtobreathe), and discussing all the philosophical questions. That’s a little bit about me, but I’d like to get to know you. Let’s see what we can work on!

Cate Govier

I am a Biology major with great anticipation to be a D.O. as a physician someday. In addition to science, I enjoy writing and I look forward to assisting my peers. I am an athlete here at SAU in addition to working in the WC and being a student. Aside from school, my hobbies include the entertainment industry and spending time with family and friends. I also enjoy good conversation about passions and philosophy. If you know me, you’ll also know that I love dogs, especially mine. He is a Texas-Heeler therapy dog that I began training during the height of the pandemic and he quickly became family and someone I am most proud to bring around! With that, I cannot wait to begin working in the Writing Center and get to know my peers and their hard work! 

Aiden Drallette

Hi! My name is Aiden Drallette, and I am a senior double major in History and Philosophy. Some of my hobbies include reading and debating. I cannot wait to help you with your papers!

Olivia Creech

Olivia Creech

Hi! I’m majoring in Exercise Science and Spanish with hope of becoming a chiropractor and missionary in Spanish-speaking countries someday. I am on the tennis team and play viola here at SAU, while also taking part in the E.P Hart Honors program. I love to write, but I particularly love to read other people’s work. It’s an opportunity for conversation and learning new perspectives of the world around us. I would love to help you become the best writer you can be, so come find me in the writing center!

Brianna Sweet

Hi, my name is Brianna, and I am so excited to help you refine your writing! I am a Senior here at SAU and I am majoring in Elementary Special Education. I am so thankful to be a part of the Writing Center team, because I believe that the written word can be absolutely beautiful. Whether you’re writing out a research paper or your testimony, I look forward to helping you craft sentences that reflect your personal story. Some fun facts about me are that I love getting lost in a good book or movie, listening to music/podcasts, and spending time with my incredible friends and family. Hope to meet you soon!

Lauren Leu

Hi! I’m Lauren and I’m a Business Administration major here at SAU. Growing up I’ve always enjoyed all types writing. Whether it be reading books, poems, random articles from Buzzfeed, journaling, or writing research papers, I think each piece has a unique story and offers new knowledge that can further your own. Working at the Writing Center has made me appreciate reading and understanding all types of writing. I love seeing other student’s personalities pop up through their work, and through conversation about the paper itself. I believe every person can write a masterpiece, it just takes digging up your brilliant ideas and bringing them to life, which is our goal here at the SAU Writing Center. I hope to see you stop by soon! 

Mason Hubbard

Hello! My name is Mason Hubbard. My major is Secondary Education- English. I love literature, philosophy, and storytelling as a whole, and I aspire to become an English teacher in either middle or high school. I enjoy running and biking for fun, as well as watching movies and reading books. My favorite book is probably The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis. I look forward to working with you at the Writing Center!

Lily Taraskiewicz

Hi, I’m Lily! I’m currently (2023-24) a freshman studying health & exercise science on a pre-PT track. I hope to become a sports medicine focused physical therapist in the future. I’m also on the competitive cheer team and I love everything athletic, especially lifting. I decided to work at the SAU Writing Center because I’ve always loved reading and writing, as well as sharing my knowledge with others. A fun fact about me is that my favorite book is The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides!

Abby Stevens

Hi! I’m Abby and I’m a Special Education and Elementary Education major here at SAU. I enjoy reading, crocheting, and listening to music in my free time. I have always loved books, writing, and storytelling. My favorite book is The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. From a young age, I loved writing my own stories and turning them into little picture books. When I began academic writing in school, I discovered that I have just as much passion for writing about serious topics happening in our world today. I believe that storytelling is the most powerful way we can express feelings and understand what is going on around us. Through working at the writing center, I hope I can help other students become stronger writers and grow their passion for writing. I am excited to work with you in creating an incredible writing piece!