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DSST Registration

  • Step 1: Please read the following as pertaining to DSST exams on SAU campus.

    1. A list of examinations available from DSST is attached to this information sheet. Credit hours and course equivalencies are listed for each examination. Students may obtain additional information, download forms, print Fact Sheets for examinations, order and take practice tests at the DSST website (SAU school Code: 8550)

    2. Students will not be allowed to count credit from a DSST exam if they are already enrolled in a class which meets the requirement.

    3. In disciplines where courses are sequential (i.e. Math, Sciences, Languages), a student who has taken a higher level course may not use a lower level examination to earn additional credit at the lower level.

    4. Calculators are allowed only for designated exams. The only calculators that may be used (with no exception) are commercially produced, handheld calculators that are battery or solar powered and must be silent, non-programmable, and do not have either a full alphabetic keyboard or graphic display.

    5. Examinations are given upon request no sooner than one week prior to the requested test date. Administration fee payment of $25.00 per exam is due at the time of test, by cash or check to Spring Arbor University.

    6. If a student must reschedule their examination(s) for another test date, an additional $25.00 fee must be paid in advance to Spring Arbor University for each examination.

    7. We recommend that the student take no more than two exams per testing day. Many exams can be completed in about 90 minutes; candidates may take up to two hours to complete their exam.

    8. A student may earn up to a limit of 60 hours through credit by exam.

    9. No more than one-third of the credit hours required in a major or minor may be earned through credit by exam.

    10. A DSST examination may be repeated THREE months (90 calendar days) from the date the examination was first administered.

    11. The fee to request additional score reports for DSST examinations is $30.00. Requests are to be sent directly to DSST. Forms are available at the DSST website.

    12. Allow four weeks for a score report to be sent to the student and one school of choice.